Missy T Graduation Photos

A few weeks back I got to go do photos of Missy T for her graduation.  She is an incredibly talented young woman and I am so happy to call her a friend.  So my goal for our photo dates was to just be her annoying friend with a camera and get some shots that show the beautiful girl I know.

DSC_4252-2 DSC_4204-2 DSC_4157-2 DSC_4152-2 DSC_4094-2 DSC_4047-2 DSC_4021-2 DSC_3964-2

2 thoughts on “Missy T Graduation Photos

  1. 100% beautiful!! Lauren you are a fabulous friend to all of us. We are proud to call you friend, but more importantly make you an official member of our family. Thank you for doing such fantastic work with the camera and spending time with our girl.

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