Blackberry BBQ Sauce Part 2

So it took an extra day to get to try out my blackberry sauce, not to mention have a real dinner.   The last step in making the sauce was to give it another whirl in the blender.  This time ,however, it was cool enough not to explode all over my kitchen, so at least Monday nights fiasco resulted in me becoming a little smarter.  After the last blitz in the blender I strained out all the solids from the pepper and garlic skins from the sauce using my medium fine chinois.

I had some thin cut pork tenderloin in the fridge, so I used some sauce as a marinade and then cooked it stove top and served it over white rice. It gave the meat a nice blackberry-winey flavor. And thickened up nicely over the heat.


I’m mostly happy with how it turned out, but I know what I want to change for the next batch.  Flavor wise, this one ended up being a bit more mellow than I was hoping for. Next time I want a little more sweetness and a lot more heat. So although I was originally calling it a BBQ sauce, it really turned out as more of a condiment to meat.  I’m definitely going to pick up some salmon to try it with.

Also, side note… Since the sauce is REALLY red, it takes normally pink meat and turns it into murder in a bowl.


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