The Story Of ORN

Red Feeling Self Portrait

Red Feeling Self Portrait

Orn was born to a Mom, in a house with a Grandmother (not a Nana, MeMaw or other undignified G-Maw nickname) and an Auntie.

In time the Mom met a Dad.  And there was a wedding, and Orn was ever so cute at the wedding.  Then in a short time, there was a sister.  It was a good & happy family.  There were always the pets.  In the begining there were a couple cats one who liked the Orn & Sis, one who did not.  It would be many years before the Orn & the Sis could convince the Parents to open thier hearts to the BeagleDog.

The Orn learned things.  She liked to learn about Readin & Writing but hated the Rythmatic.  She tried to do the extra learning thing, but ended up doing the workin thing.  Which was ok too.

Now the Orn lives in a cute house.  The house sualy needs the lawn mowed.  She’s got a good roomate in the BlondieDog.  Every day is an adventure… to come home and find out what BlondieDog has eaten or broken.

Not too bad of a life considering all the highs & lows & creamy middles.

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