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Moving into the studio... the cleanest you will EVER see it!

Dog/ Utility Room

This time around long weekend didn’t quite turn into loads and loads of crazy fun, but rather loads and loads of work.

Saturday I decided to tackle the utility room and set it up for better storage, and a better prepared dog-room for Blondie pup.   I completed the project Monday night around 11:30.  Not a bad amount of time if you calculate in a few dog walks, a Greek dinner & a barbecue.

I started by pulling every single piece of crap out of the utility room and into the kitchen.  That was not a very good idea because it made eating in the kitchen virtually impossible.  However, it was effective for clearing out all the space, and vacuuming up all the spiders, patching holes & sanding down the walls.

Accidentally I had bought a gallon of the blue paint chosen for my bedroom in semi-gloss so instead of wasting or it I opted to use it in the utility room where it can be wiped down easily & cleaned of doggy hairs & goobers.

I pulled decor & curtain materials from my existing craft box and have plans to put together another set of curtains to close off the washer & dryer area so my clean laundry does not get covered with fur.

The only real problem project was the shelving unit.  Leave it to me to make a simple shelving unit require math & head scratching.  I started off marking for holes, and drilling where the marks were.  Well almost… with the exception of a few “marks” that were just dings in the wall.  We ended up needing to use metal hollow wall anchors for the wall tracks.  That was a bit of a pain because I dislike putting more holes in walls than necessary, but ultimately not but not too bad.  Well until the last one, we installed the lower anchor first, with fitting already in place and then discovered that with the fitting hanging down for ease of installation, there wasn’t enough room to flip the fitting upwards.  The end of the bracket hit both walls.  So I picked the more dinged up wall and just gouged away.  So I still have some touch up work to do with the putty and trim paint… and have learned a valuable lesson about installing fixtures in the correct position in the future.

Total Cost of Project: Paint $20, Paint Supplies $10, Shelving $30, Curtain $0,  Hooks $0 = Total – $60

What will hopefully remain this organized Washer & dryer area after makeover

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