Chalk and Attachments


I’ve been thinking about first loves a lot lately.  Mostly prompted by two fantastic books, both written by Rainbow Rowell, Attachments and Eleanor & Park.   Attachments is about how long it can take you to recover from a broken heart & what it feels like to open up and find a new love.  Eleanor & Park is about first love in all its headlong glory.

So that got me thinking about falling in love and how much it can feel like springtime.  Which is not an original analogy at all… but still.

And that’s kind of what inspired this drawing.

Some times I try to do things in pencil or charcoal and something in my brain just wont let me.  And I wasn’t feeling the water colors cause I really wanted to touch & convey movement.  If I had clay I would have tried sculpting what I was feeling. So I went with chalk.  Which I really need to stop doing on the living room floor cause my rug is starting to collect interesting colors.  Much like my room at Mom’s house.  Sorry Mom.

Its been a few weeks since I felt like doing anything artistic at all.  But then last night after reading, working in the garden & playing with Saff I cranked up Lana Del Ray and made a mess.  I felt like the gate got left open and my right brain got loose.  It was great.

That feeling was somewhat of a surprise since I spent most of the time pulling weeds and thinking too much about the first time I fell in love.  The whole better to have loved & lost versus never loved at all quandary.   So yeah, I was WAY too far into my head and it took a couple of hours of playing in the dirt to get out of there.  Stupid brain.

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