In 30 seconds you could…

But you wont… instead you will sit there listening to all the things someone out there thinks would be cool to do as a heavy disguise over why you should eat at McDonalds, or drink Coke, or something… I honestly dont know since I never listen to the whole commercial anyhow.

But it got me thinking, what could I realistically do in 30 seconds?

1) I could send a text message to someone to let them know I’m thinking of them.

2) I could eat a hot dog, although if I’m not in a hot dog eating competition… thats just kind of a gross way to eat lunch.

3) I could take a picture.  However in order to getting somewhere cool to take the picture might take a little longer than 30 seconds.

4) I could surf Pintrest for some sort of creative idea to make, cook, drool over, imagine, fantasize about etc… execution of which will take longer than 30 seconds.

5) I could play tug-o-war with my dog.

6) I could burn a bridge or two.

7) I could do some situps…. or eat a mouthful of whipped cream straight from the can.  Yeah, what do you think I’m gonna do.

8) Get annoyed and yell at the radio about how I dont WANT to be famous in some province of China I cant pronounce for doing something dumb and posting it on YouTube.

9) I could go pick up my mail…. but only if I go super fast and no one gets in my way or tries to talk to me.

10) Or I could surf around till I finally find some Steve Miller Band on another radio station.

What could/would/should you do in 30 seconds?

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