I’m not a relaxed person

I’m occasionally lazy, irritated, irritating, happy, goofy, sarcastic, smarty pants, bossy, alpha female… but not very often just flat out RELAXED.

That is precisely why I treasure so deeply the moments when drinks have been dolled out dinner has been served, the house is so full of noise from happy friends that you have to yell to get your point heard (ok you might not NEED to yell… but its funner that way) and everyone is LAUGHING just because we are so happy to be together.

And as an added plus if there are a few dogs running around the table, a cute kid or two goobering on a napkin, and no seriously pressing reason to break up the party early so we can all just sit on the floor and talk like we used to do when we were just teenagers, IT. IS. JUST. PERFECTION.

And that is precisely what Sunday night was like.  Sigh!  Happiness & JOY!  If only I had remembered a camera to record some of the good grub & cool people.

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