Light and Fluffy Friday

Yesterday night I made marshmallows for the first time.

Wow!  Yeah, turns out those are a completely different animal from what we usually buy in the grocery store.   Sorry Kraft, you just lost a customer.

Imagine the texture of the softest marshmallow peep, but not quite as over the top sweet.

Plus this morning as I was dusting with sugar & cutting away to make fun little squares I got to pretend I was an old fashioned candy maker, instead of just an office drone running late to work.   It was a lovely little fantasy while it lasted.

And it really wasn’t very difficult to do either! Just follow Alton’s directions & make sure you have a candy thermometer & something good for dusting sugar.

Pictured above are my home made marshmallows, turned into single bite smores.  Take marshmallow & dunk into melted chocolate & then rest in a tray of graham cracker crumbs.  And if you want to send someone over the edge, just perch one of these on top of a butter-cake cupcake filled with chocolate ganache, and topped with meringue topping that has been toasted with a culinary torch.  Worth ALL the work!  ….  however I neglected to get a photo of the finished product.  DO’H!!!

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