Orn – The Brand

Alright, so I’m going to take the plunge & set up an etsy shop.  I know, its something that will require some time, effort, and responsibility.
Doesn’t sound like me at all!
However, I took stock of the house plants today, and all 14 are doing well.  The dog is still happy, healthy, and well fed.  So… maybe these are all signs that I’m growing up and am ready to become a more organized & responsible person.


Well at least until I borrow the full DVD set of Arrested Development from my sister & sit around in sweats drinking spiked coco & laughing for 24 consecutive hours.

But seriously now, I’ve come to the point where I need to start making this hobby of mine pay for itself.  I’m talking jewelery & beads here.  Its fun, and relaxing, and I’ve been getting enough feedback of late that encourages the idea that perhaps I could make a bit of money doing it.  I don’t expect to ever pay my rent with the proceeds, but perhaps enough to make the hobby pay for itself.  That is a fair enough request right?

So now the questions begin.  What do I call myself?  Do I need a business license for an online shop?  Should I establish a beading/jewelery money account only?  How do I go about packing my trinkets?  What kind of graphics should I use?  What should the feel be?  And how am I going to photograph stuff so it looks good and will make people want to buy it?  And how do I price the dang things?

I’m going to tackle one question at a time tho.  Right now that first question is What do I call myself?  Orn’s Thoughts is taken for my ramblings (this).  Lauren’s Treats will be my bakery (some day).  Eggplant/EggyO/Eggplantorn, is my nickname, but I feel it would be misleading when pertaining to my jewelery & art because I don’t bead eggplants nor do I photograph them.  Same deal with Eggy, cause I don’t find eggs terribly interesting.  Besides I’ve got a weird mental connection between eggs & breasts from research for a surgery.  Don’t ask.  However, it is the reason I only order one egg at a time.

But I digress…

And the question remains, what do I name my “shop”?

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