Out of the darkness…

This morning I very nearly maced the neighbor dog. Not out of any malicious intent, he just happened to scare the well… you know… out of me.
6 o’clock am, I am pulling back into my driveway after workout. Its still pitch black and I am bleary eyed… thinking about a warm cleansing shower and oatmeal for breakfast.
As I pull into the drive I hear a dog bark, and somewhere in my head I think “that sounds closer than Schultz” (the north neighbors German Shepard).
I open the door and there he is… a big furry German Shepard dog head.
I shrieked and slammed the door shut.
Did I mention it was dark out?
After realizing that el doggo has no malicious intent, and then feeling foolish for my very very girly shriek, I opened the door to say a proper good morning to him.
But doggo was nowhere to be found.
I fear he may have gone home to nurse a perforated ear drum.

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