Wait…what happened to March?

The color green has been on my mind in several ways of late.

Edibly – First off… let me introduce you to something both annoying and delicious.  Corn Vit.  Its annoyingly EVERYWHERE in my garden.  A couple summers back I thought it would be an interesting little thing to try and grow.  And grow it did!  It comes up EVERYWHERE!  In the carrots, around the squashes, twined around the onions, its even snuggled down there at the base of the peas.  Well the good news is that it is delicious, and packed with all sorts of vitamins according to most of the web-searches I did on it.  So last weekend I picked a batch of it, cleaned it, and had my very garden based meal.  (Side note… cleaning the stuff is really a booger if you were not planning to pick it and instead dug up other weeds instead and in the process covered it with dirt.)
Turns out this will now be my new alternative to spinach.  A smidgen of olive oil in a pan over medium heat, a clove of garlic, a large pile of corn vit… sizzle till wilted & fragrant.  Then toss with cooked pasta and toasted sunflower seeds and a pinch of Celtic finishing salt. YUM!

Creatively – Green has also been on my bead table in several different forms.  I’m participating in a monochromatic color challenge put together by Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime.  I’ve become familiar with her work through a couple of super secret beading forums on Facebook.  Yeah, that’s right… I’m part of a super secret forum.  I know people who know people.  Don’t mess with me.  Well I might be overselling that… but in any case those groups are filled with funny and crazy talented ladies who like to talk ideas, beads, projects, and whatever else comes out of their creative brains!  Sally posted an invite to join the blog hop so I’m tryin it out.  I have chosen the color green to make something monochromatic out of and I’ve got a ton of ideas.  I have a hard time saying which color I love the most because it depends on the shade, and the day, and my mood, and whether we are talking something like flowers or house paint.  But green was the color that popped out at me that day so I’m going with it.  Blog reveal is Saturday the 5th of May.  So I hope you (all three of you out there) will like what I put together.
Growingly! – lastly, but not leastly….  Cause that’s the best place you can find green.  Think about it, do you want green on your steak?  NO.  Do you want green in your shower?  NO!  Do you want green coming out of your dog?  NO!!!!  But you do want green in the garden, and you wait ever so patiently for the dirt to start cracking and showing little tiny first leaves.  And even though they aren’t green, here is a quick intro to some upcoming key players in my yard.


The amazing thing about seeds is how something can be so similar and yet so different.  All the squashes were similar in approximate size & shape… but the weight of them, the thickness all different.  Really fun to plant & will be even more fun to turn into my dinners this summer.  And of course… Saffer’s was helping out by keeping me company and chewing on things while I worked in the garden.

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