Something Hairy & New

Last Friday I went to the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene @ the Fairgrounds and had an opportunity to take a class from Sandoval McNair on felting yardage for a vest.  I’m gonna just say it was an awesome class. 

We started with this:  


and ended with this:

The class was really fun and relaxing.  It’s an ancient way of making material for just about any use possible.  From an artistic point it was like painting with fiber.  The colors of roving we were able to choose from came directly from Sandoval’s personal cache.  She is an amazing fiber artist & does her own dyeing.  Which made the materials even more unique and fun to play with! 

I bought a few new colors of roving at the fair to play around with at home and so far have been really happy with the results.  Like I needed another hobby!

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